Our services

Farm profitability

Looking from above can change the whole perspective of timely detection of yield threats.

Field variability

Plants' optical response under varying weather condition holds the key to understanding the field variability.

Precision decision

Each meters of a field have varying possibilities and that requires varying treatments.

Simplifying complexity

Interaction among soil, water, weather, variety and yield is very difficult to model for one field without having the regional perspective.

Our mission

Innovating agriculture through Agriculture

The increasing world population will be a fairly complex challenge.

By 2050, the global agriculture industry must feed 9 billion people across the globe. Climate change, weather variability, limited arable land and scarce water resources are the challenges to master with innovative technologies. Spacenus' mission is to provide ubiquitous and real time information and advisory services to farmers so that they can grow more with less. We make the agricultural processes more efficient so that it is more productive.

Agriculture is a fairly complicated process, which is changing intensely. At Spacenus, we see it from two perspectives. First, agriculture is a process. Farmers grow crops and food on their land by using machines, know-how and experience. Second, agriculture is the core industry. From small farms to huge high tech corporations - many different industries and competences are involved in farming today. By innovating one through the other, we help to master upcoming challenges to feed the world population.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters for each of us is that growers are productive and profitable. Only then, the rest of the value chain can thrive.