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About us - why Spacenus?

We design the future of agriculture

Farming is about nature and practice. Controlling nature is impossible but we can sustainably live with it if we know how to complement each other. With the deep knowledge and experiences of the best scientists, engineers, agronomists and farmers, we know as much about the nature of farming as possible. Only by that, we can control the output of farming – and optimize it!

Decision-making in farming is a complex process. Hundreds of parameters influence the decision-making. Just to name a few: Different crops and crop varieties, variable-rate of seeding and variability in nutrient needs, weather variability and in-field soil variation. How to deal with this?

At the end of day, we all want to see is profitable farms. However, how to make and optimize farming strategies? How to make better and confident decisions? To walk with you, we offer an online and mobile platform to assist you with intersecting soil, weather, fertilizationer, planting, crop, variety and yield. Based on millions of data we analyze for you the performance of a crop/variety of a certain population, under variable weather/treatment conditions in your fields. This will give you confidence and will lead you to better decision-making about what to do/change in your farming operations.